ZHUANG, Xiahai (PhD)

School of Data Science
Fudan University

复旦大学 大数据学院

I obtained my PhD (thesis) from Centre for Medical Image Computing, University College London.

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Research interests

I am interested in interdisciplinary subjects from machine intelligence, statistical learning, medical imaging, CV, BME & healthcare etc.,
☆ Interpretability ☆ XAI for Medicine ☆ Medical image analysis
★ Generalizability ★ Uncertainty ★ Bayesian deep learning


☆ DATA630015 Medical Image Analysis (postgrad)
☆ DATA130049 Image Processing & Visualization (undergrad)
☆ DATA130012H Image Processing & Data Visualization (undergrad)

Academic Services/ Honours

★ Associate Editor or             Medical Image Analysis (IF:13.828)
    Editorial Board IEEE Transactioins on Medical Imaging (IF:11.037)
Computers in Biology and Medicine (IF: 6.689)
Neurocomputing (IF: 5.779)
Mathematics (IF: 2.592, JCR-Q1)
Neural Networks (IF:9.657)
★ Others Board of Directors, the MICCAI society
World's top scientists reported by Stanford-Elsevier
PC/AC/SC for conferences: MICCAI, ISBI, FIMH, MIDL etc.

Selected publications (project/code/data)

  • Multimodality combined computing & groupwise registration
  • X Wang#, X Luo#, X Zhuang. BInGo: Bayesian Intrinsic Groupwise Registration via Explicit Hierarchical Disentanglement. IPMI 2023 (tier one conference, Oral) Honorable Mention and runners-up to the Francois Erbsmann Prize NEW!!!
  • X Zhuang: Multivariate mixture model for myocardial segmentation combining multi-source images. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (T PAMI) 41(12), 2933-2946, 2019 link code note&demo derivation
  • X Luo & X Zhuang: X-Metric: An N-Dimensional Information-Theoretic Framework for Groupwise Registration and Deep Combined Computing. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (T PAMI) 45(7): 9206 - 9224, 2023 link code

  • Interpretability & generalizability, weak supervision of deep learning
  • S Gao#, H Zhou#, Y Gao#, X Zhuang. BayeSeg: Bayesian Modeling for Medical Image Segmentation with Interpretable Generalizability. Medical Image Analysis 89, 102889, 2023. code&tutorial, link in special issue
    Elsevier-MedIA 1st Prize & MICCAl Best Paper Award 2023 NEW!!!
  • Z Gao# & Y Liu# et al. & X Zhuang. A Reliable and Interpretable Framework of Multi-view Learning for Liver Fibrosis Staging. MICCAI 2023 Oral. MICCAI 2023 STAR Award; MICCAl Best Paper and Young Scientist Award finalist NEW!!!
  • S Gao & X Zhuang: Bayesian Image Super-Resolution with Deep Modeling of Image Statistics. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (T PAMI) 45(2), 1405-1423, 2023 link code
  • F Wu & X Zhuang. Minimizing Estimated Risks on Unlabeled Data: A New Formulation for Semi-Supervised Medical Image Segmentation. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (T PAMI) 45(5): 6021 - 6036, 2023 link code
  • K Wan et al. & X Zhuang: Multi-Target Landmark Detection with Incomplete Images via Reinforcement Learning and Shape Prior Embedding. Medical Image Analysis 2023
  • Z Gao, F Wu, W Gao, X Zhuang: A New Framework of Swarm Learning Consolidating Knowledge from Multi-Center Non-IID Data for Medical Image Segmentation. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 2022 online (IF: 11.037) code
  • S Gao#, H Zhou#, Y Gao#, X Zhuang. Joint Modeling of Image and Label Statistics for Enhancing Model Generalizability of Medical Image Segmentation. MICCAI 2022. link (selected as one of the best papers of MICCAI 2022 to be highlighted in special issue)
  • F Wu & X Zhuang: Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Variational Approximation for Cardiac Segmentation. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 2021 (IF: 11.037) link code&data
  • C Pei, F Wu, L Huang, X Zhuang. Disentangle domain features for cross-modality cardiac image segmentation. Medical Image Analysis, 71, 102078, 2021 (IF:13.828) link code
  • F Wu & X Zhuang: CF Distance: A new domain discrepancy metric and application to explicit domain adaptation for cross-modality cardiac image segmentation. IEEE Trans on Medical Imaging 39 (12), 4274 - 4285, 2020 (IF: 11.037) link code data

  • Applications
  • J Qiu, et al. & X Zhuang: MyoPS-Net: Myocardial Pathology Segmentation with Flexible Combination of Multi-Sequence CMR Images. Medical Image Analysis 84, 102694, Feb2023 (IF:13.828) link code
  • W Ding, et al. & X Zhuang: Aligning Multi-Sequence CMR Towards Fully Automated Myocardial Pathology Segmentation. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging online 2023
  • L Li, W Ding, L Huang, X Zhuang* & V Grau*: Multi-Modality Cardiac Image Computing: A Survey. Medical Image Analysis 2023
  • L Li#, F Wu#, S Wang#, et al. & X Zhuang: MyoPS: A Benchmark of Myocardial Pathology Segmentation Combining Three-Sequence Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Images. Medical Image Analysis 87, 102808, 2023 (IF:13.828) link
  • S Gao & X Zhuang: Rank-One Network: An Effective Framework for Image Restoration. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (T PAMI) 44(6), 3224-3238, 2022 link code
  • L Li, V Zimmer, J Schnabel, X Zhuang. Medical Image Analysis on Left Atrial LGE MRI for Atrial Fibrillation Studies: A Review. Medical Image Analysis, 77, 102360, 1-27, 2022 (IF:13.828) link
  • L Li, V Zimmer, J Schnabel, X Zhuang. AtrialJSQnet: A New Framework for Joint Segmentation and Quantification of Left Atrium and Scars Incorporating Spatial and Shape Information. Medical Image Analysis, 76, 102303, 2022 (IF:13.828) link code
  • X Zhuang et al.: Cardiac Segmentation on Late Gadolinium Enhancement MRI: A Benchmark Study from Multi-Sequence Cardiac MR Segmentation Challenge. Medical Image Analysis 81, 102528: 1-13, 2022 (IF:13.828) link
  • W Ding, L Li, X Zhuang* & L Huang*: Cross-Modality Multi-Atlas Segmentation via Deep Registration and Label Fusion. IEEE JBHI 26(7): 3104 - 3115, 2022 link code
  • D Jia & X Zhuang: Learning-Based Algorithms for Vessel Tracking: A Review. COMPUT MED IMAG GRAP 2021 link
  • L Li et al. & X Zhuang: Atrial Scar Quantification via Multi-scale CNN in the Graph-cuts Framework. Medical Image Analysis (IF: 11.148) 60, 2020 link
  • X Zhuang et al.: Evaluation of algorithms for multi-modality whole heart segmentation: An open-access grand challenge. Medical Image Analysis 58, 2019 (most cited and most downloaded Medical Image Analysis articles) link
  • X Zhuang & J Shen: Multi-scale patch and multi-modality atlases for whole heart segmentation of MRI. Medical Image Analysis 31, 77–87, 2016 (most cited Medical Image Analysis articles) link
  • X Zhuang: Challenges and Methodologies of Fully Automatic Whole Heart Segmentation: A Review. Journal of Healthcare Engineering 4 (3): 371–407, 2013 pdf
  • X Zhuang et al.: A Nonrigid Registration Framework Using Spatially Encoded Mutual Information and Free-Form Deformations. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 30(10), 1819-1828, 2011.   link pdf
  • X Zhuang et al.: A Registration-Based Propagation Framework for Automatic Whole Heart Segmentation of Cardiac MRI. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 29 (9), 1612-1625, 2010.   link pdf
  • X Zhuang et al.: An atlas-based segmentation propagation framework using locally affine registration – Application to automatic whole heart segmentation. MICCAI2008, 425-433.   link (runner-up for MICCAI Young Scientist Award)